What Makes The Best Summer Heeled Sandals?

The SOS team has been looking to upgrade our summer heeled sandals collection and take full advantage of the sale season, which led to our discussion on what makes the perfect summer heeled sandals. We are finally getting out of the June Gloom in LA and it starts to feel like summer. We have concluded, that a good pair of summer heeled sandals we approve possess one of the following qualities:

1. Heel height less than 3 inches;
2. Block heel;
3. Good coverage on the top of the feet.

1. Mid Heeled Sandals

It is always a love-and-hate relationship with high heel shoes. While a pair of 4-inch-high pumps might make us stand a little taller and our stripes a little bigger, they are a pain to walk in, thus not the ideal summer shoes. We find these mid-heeled sandals with barely-there straps are just as sexy.

Summer Heeled Sandals

2. Block Heeled Sandals

These block heeled sandals are always a safe choice when it comes to balancing functionality and aesthetics. They are just as easy to walk in as wedge sandals but they are less chunky and a lot more chic.

Block Heeled Sandals

3. Mule Sandals

The extra coverage these mule sandals have on the top of the feet makes quite a big difference. These heeled sandals are much more walking-friendly thanks to the width of the band.

Mule Sandals

What is your style? Find one and combine your sandals with some of our dress from all the dresses ShopBits collection!

Source: Song of Style

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