Dress Variation Colors Trends in Autumn 2019

Dress Variation Colors Trends

What are the new trends this fall and what dress colors will be featured in the collections of Autumn 2019? We are already in the midst of the summer season, occupied with summer dresses, swimwear, but well-known designers are already preparing and maintaining magazines for the new autumn and even winter collections. How can we […]

Fenty Beauty Releases Travel-Friendly Minis for Your Summer Vacay

Fenty Beauty Releases

Attention: If you’re as obsessed with Fenty Beauty as much as, well, everyone, we’ve got big news for you. Rihanna’s beloved beauty brand just unveiled mini versions of its top products. We’re talking the Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Primer and Pro Filt’r Instant Retouch Setting Powder. There are also limited-edition mini travel sets, like the […]

One-Shoulder Tops Are Back!

One-Shoulder Tops

Fashion, like history, tends to repeat itself. The current loop brought back a bounty of noughties trends we thought we’d seen the last of in 2006. Low-rise jeans, dresses over pants and saddle bags have all made their way back into our wardrobes. The latest early 2000s style to jump into modern times? The one-shoulder […]

Five Fitness Wear Trends That Are A Must-follow!

Fitness Wear Trends

If you want to get into shape this year, then we have you covered! You are amongst the several lots with the same ambition for 2019-and sincerely, you shouldn’t stop. If you normally put off or procrastinate fitness regimes, the trend forecast for active wears should give you all the motivation you need to finally […]

What Makes The Best Summer Heeled Sandals?


The SOS team has been looking to upgrade our summer heeled sandals collection and take full advantage of the sale season, which led to our discussion on what makes the perfect summer heeled sandals. We are finally getting out of the June Gloom in LA and it starts to feel like summer. We have concluded, […]