One-Shoulder Tops Are Back!

Fashion, like history, tends to repeat itself. The current loop brought back a bounty of noughties trends we thought we’d seen the last of in 2006. Low-rise jeans, dresses over pants and saddle bags have all made their way back into our wardrobes. The latest early 2000s style to jump into modern times? The one-shoulder top.

One-Shoulder Tops
One-Shoulder Tops

One-shoulder tops were worn by every It girl in the 2000s and were as ubiquitous as Juicy Couture tracksuits and UGG boots. And the new crop of asymmetrical tops wouldn’t look out of place in 2003. There are formfitting varieties along with fresher blouse-like silhouettes. Sleeve lengths and embellishments vary drastically so make sure you choose the best one-shoulder top for your outfit and the weather.

one shoulder style again

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